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29 Years Promoting Health & Fitness with IHRSA! Meredith Poppler | Club Owner Podcast Ep 011

Few, no, NO people I’ve met as committed to the promotion of health & fitness as this woman: Meredith Poppler. Join me and find out what in the world IHRSA is up to these days and why YOU should care!   Connect with IHRSA here:   Connect with Meredith here: OR   ...

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Professionall Baseball to Dad to NWI Sports Performance with Jordan Smolar | Club Owner Podcast 010

I hopped on a call with this guy: Jordan Smolar. He had a successful career as both a college and professional baseball player, then became a dad and started a couple of sport and athletic-related businesses, before founding NWI Sports Performance. You’ll love to hear how an intense season of reading about how to get...

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Homeless to Steel Mill to Life Power with Coach Luis Gonzalez | Club Owner Podcast 009

I hopped on a call with this guy: Luis Gonzalez. He started as a Personal Trainer at age 20, then went homeless for a while, then worked at a steel mill, and now he’s coach and owner at Life Power. You’ll love his story, his spirituality and his determination to succeed, by providing value and...

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Football to CrossFit to Box Owner with Chris Shimley | Club Owner Podcast 001

I watch Froning: The Fittest Man in History, start feeling the (competitive) itch, and think to myself I should swap Club Clean services for a CrossFit membership. Well, after talking with Chris Shimley I don’t get the account, but I DO get a membership (how did that happen)?! Watch to find out how Chris goes from football...

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Gang-bangin’ & Jail to Bodybuilder & Fitness Entrepreneur with Jessie Casas | Club Owner Podcast 002

It’s cold, I’m in NWI, and it’s NEVER a dull moment with this guy: Jessie Casas. He was a gang-banging minority on the southside of Chicago who ended up in jail. Learn how he escaped a life headed to no where to compete in natural bodybuilding competitions and starting his very own personal training business!...

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Athlete to Fitness Director to the Dark Side with Matt Wright | Club Owner Podcast 003

It’s thanksgiving, I’m in FL with family, and I STILL hopped on a call with this guy: Matt Wright. He was a collegiate athlete, Fitness Director of almost 20 fitness facilities, and is now on the “dark side” as a vendor to Health & Fitness Clubs. You’ll love his view on leading a team, giving...

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