Looking for a FRESH & RELEVANT way to engage your membership base?

Need a POWERFUL way to differentiate your club or community center?

Sharing your story is an INCREDIBLE tool for doing just that!

Join the Collective of Club Owners Sharing the Love on the Club Owner Podcast!
I’m Listening, Tell Me MORE…
  • This is a VERY unique opportunity to share YOUR Health & Wealth journey 
  • You’ll be creating GREAT content that can be used to grow your club and/or Community Center!
  • The podcast will be professionally mastered, and access given to YOU (for FREE) to share on your website, facebook page, LinkedIn, etc.
  •  We’ll have tons of fun getting to know each other!
  •  Ya gotta be (at least somewhat) personable and have the ability to answer questions with more than 1 word answers.
  • Have 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  • You must have a pc and/or mobile device with a camera & High-speed internet of at least 15 mb/s (preferably 20mb+).
  • A set of headphones with a mic (e.g. iPhone earbuds).

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