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College Football to Marketing to Full Spectrum Fitness with John Brant | Club Owner Podcast 017

I hopped on a call with John Brant from Full Spectrum Fitness. He has a background in college Football, a vocation for marketing and a passion for the fitness industry. You’ll love to know how John successfully went from member to owner at Full Spectrum Fitness! (Crown Point, IN). Connect with John: 💪👏👉 BIG...

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Electrician to Dad to CrossFit Emics | Club Owner Podcast 016

I hopped on a call with this guy: Luke Francis from CrossFit Emics. He started out as an electrician. When his newly formed family first started to grow, he needed to find a more intelligent solution to provide at home and to stay fit at the same time. You’ll love to hear how out of need he...

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Trumpet Player to Losing 100 lbs to ARX with Jim Keen | Club Owner Podcast 015

I hopped on a call with this guy: Jim Keen from ARX. He has a background in music, and as a pro trumpet player spent years on the road and sleeping in hotel rooms – eating disorderly and barely taking care of his body. You’ll love to hear how he lost almost 100 lbs and...

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School principal to Resilience to Just Pedal with Megan Sechowski | Club Owner Podcast 014

I hopped on a call with Megan Sechowski. She received her master in Educational Leadership from NEIU, is a Principal, and gradually moved into the fitness industry. Now she’s an instructor at Just Pedal Cycle Studio, in Highland, IN. You’ll love how Megan is an example of resilience and excelling in everything she does (including...

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Music & Law Enforcement to Region Streght with Drew Hansen & Irv Givens | Club Owner Podcast 013

I hopped on a call with these guys: Drew Hansen & Irv Givens. Drew hails from a background in music & audio while Irv is a Navy veteran and currently a law enforcement officer. You’ll to love hear how these guys from totally different walks of life ended up co-founding one of the most successful...

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Special Education to Crossfit Enthusiast to Crossfit Coach with Dustin Shurlow | Club Owner Podcast 012

I hopped on a call with this guy: Dustin Shurlow. His first career was in special education, then he and wife Daniella got hooked with Crossfit, and eventually became owners of Top Fuel, a club located in Crown Point, IN. You’ll love Dustin’s story and his team work culture & philosophy! Connect with Dustin here:...

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